Celebrating 20 years...

Norwegian organisation based in Africa,

Run solely by volunteers.

Email: manos@online.no

Telephone: 4799290703

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Supporting Afro Fadderforening

Afro Fadderforening is a Norwegian based organisation, having reached its 20th Anniversary in 2018. Our ongoing goal is the eradication of poverty in African countries, focusing mainly on education in rural areas.

Microfinance is one of the systems we use wherever possible and is functioning well in Ethiopia and Uganda. Run by volunteers, the organisation employs locals from villages and towns throughout Africa.

Any contribution is gratefully appreciated and WILL make a difference.

What we do!



We focus on farming and invest in the purchase of animals and plantations throughout Africa.



Many students have graduated from university in Ethiopia.



We have built teacher's accommodation , a library, a computer room and buildings supplied by solar power plants.

We strive to upgrade schools lacking infrastructure. We focus on higher education and are proud of our students who have graduated from college or university. Our structured process engages parents in various projects, where they are able to support themselves. In addition to agriculture, we invest in water installations and renewable energy supply.

How you can help!



You can help by sponsoring a child's education and daily needs. A £20 monthly donation is sufficient to support one child.